We at SILA love blue! We wear it everywhere, both with our favorite jeans for a casual look and with a pretty little dress for a chic and elegant look in all circumstances.

While strolling in the streets of Paris, I realized that most people and practically in every window (well, except maybe the bakeries, and again I'm sure, we must be able to find blue cupcakes! ) there is at least one blue element!

paris blue houses

At the same time, it's not surprising, the color blue is the favorite color of the French, but more generally in the West, and even more surprising, it is placed in this position, both by men and by women. women.

In my turn, I wanted to carry out my little investigation on this color.

On a more scientific level, blue is a primary color, that is to say that it cannot be obtained from a mixture of other colors. It is considered a cool color. On the other hand, many shades exist, and the diversity of our vocabulary shows it: ultramarine blue, sky blue, midnight blue, turquoise blue, navy blue, duck blue (ahh … but is it blue or green?) , electric blue, petrol blue etc… enough to animate more than one discussion to determine the color of this little top!

And then, in nature, it is found everywhere. This beautiful blue sky, which invigorates our morale, the nuances of the seas and oceans of the globe, between the gray blue heralding a storm, and the lagoons of distant islands. It is often the color that represents water… In reality all these elements of nature are not blue (sorry to break the myth), they are phenomena of polarization and diffusion, which explains why we see everything that blue...

Here, we recommend this little video that explains the color of the sky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk1uv1Id__M

In France, we support the "Blues" team, we have blue on our flag, and I'm not even talking about the love of French men for their magnificent blue suits.

It turned out that wasn't always the case. In antiquity it was the color of mourning, and I challenge you to find me a painting with a blue sky before the 14th century…Pigments were rare, and some are obtained from imported gemstones. Then the blue spread rapidly, and invaded everyday life.

Great artists are known now for their work on blue. Obviously we will not miss Yves Klein (we love it! did you know that he is even registered with the INPI?) who gave his name to the eponymous color. We can also be interested in Geneviève Asse and her Atlantic blue or the Californian blue of David Hockney, who all had this passion for blue and who imposed it (if I can say so) in future trends, c t is thanks to them that we see blue in all its forms and in all its materials. And really, we are a fan!

In addition there may be a psychological impact in all this, blue is considered the color of stability, responsibility, confidence, dreams, escape and truth.

Blue at SILA, we love it… and we too have been creative with the names of our colours. They are worn with our watch cases, our jewelry clover bracelets, and stacked with our bracelets.

sila lifestyle steel watch blue cotton strap demin

Midnight blue, with its very chic deep blue, you can wear it for example with our steel watch, and its midnight blue strap

Denim blue, the perfect everyday match with your jeans or your little blue dress. We suggest you wear it with our rose gold watch and its denim blue strap

Turquoise blue, enough to brighten up the wrist. We invite you to discover wearing this pretty color, with our four-leaf clover jewel bracelet , which will bring you happiness.

sila lifestyle yellow gold watch turquoise cotton strap

Have you seen the star color, the star bracelet in steel version with blue enamel ? Too pretty on the wrists.

sila lifestyle bracelet star color steel and blue with steel clover

See you soon for new adventures

Perrine from Team SILA.

Irina Trotsenko