SILA, “Sorry I'm Late Again”, this breathless little phrase that we women have said so often.

SILA celebrates the life behind every little delay. Live the present moment, the magic moments that you wish to prolong…then run to catch up with time!

SILA celebrates the women around us, who live to the fullest with all their emotions, energy and generosity...

And it is true that yes, sometimes (often?) they are, we are, a little late.

It was at a vintage watch market in Tokyo in 2016 that the idea for the first model of watches with interchangeable straps was born. It is inspired by watches dating from the first part of the 20th century.

Ultra-elegant and ultra-feminine, pleasant and light to wear, in a jewel-like look, these vintage-style watches are worn with the same elegance, timelessness and refinement as they were then.

Then there is the desire to add a colorful, fresh and surprising twist, thanks to a system of interchangeable fasteners in 1 click to wear the same watch on any occasion. Because the women's wardrobe is inherently so varied and colorful.

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SILA is a watch, but it is above all a jewel.

For the past few seasons, women have loved accumulating jewelry on their wrists. This is how we have developed a whole range of jewelry that goes perfectly with our watches. But of course they can be worn separately. For example, we recommend wearing two of our bangles asymmetrically for originality.

To go until the end of the night, we are launching the Midnight Black watch, in its classic black color, with golden indexes. Its originality? You can also put on our cotton bracelets or gold chains, or pink gold for a mix & match look multiplying all your possibilities.

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In 2022, we are going further and launching a chic and interchangeable jewel. The clovers, which will accompany you every day to bring you luck, can be adapted to the brand's 25 bracelets, chains or cotton bracelets. The chain for a dressy look, the cotton bracelet to be able to change every day, according to our moods or the weather.

Already have a SILA? the clover will fit on your bracelets, you can choose between wearing your watch with the case, or your clover… (or both!).

In 2022, we are also launching a range of colored star bracelets, the "Star Color". At SILA, color is part of our DNA…, we like to accumulate them on the wrist, play with them in meetings, spin the stars to see the two different sides.

Ok but who is SILA?

SILA is a French brand, created and managed by women, from the Paris region.

In 2016, it was created by Alexandra and Karine.

In 2021, Anne-Laure is embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure. Having held financial or general management positions in major French groups, Anne-Laure gave up her position as an employee, and supported by her husband and children, took over the reins of SILA and focused on the development of the company.

Anne-Laure Ferrandou collage and interchangeable clover

It keeps the historic model of the brand, and develops new products that are part of continuity: chic, timeless, interchangeable.

Without it becoming a credo, SILA is run by women, designed by women for women.

And the Logo, what does it mean?

The SILA logo, represents the two hands of a watch… of course one is a bit behind. But it doesn't matter, because time is made up for by running a little, or by sleeping a little less, but above all with a big smile and a dose of good humor.