Gardenia - Stand Alone


Metal: Steel and Black
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✿ Gardenia in stainless steel, sold alone without bracelet

✿ Plated (IP) for gold color

✿ Black or Cream enamel

✿ You have 25 customization possibilities: 1 jewel chain and 24 possible bracelet colors. Your SILA PARIS watch or clover bracelets are all compatible.


A Charms that makes your bracelet interchangeable, transformable and versatile.

Here is our Gardenia flower which will dress your wrist with elegance. What color do you prefer ? Black email? Email Cream? what if you took both?

All interchangeable bracelets from the SILA PARIS brand are compatible.

You can wear it with our 24 colors of cords. The clips on our cords are the same color as your gardenia.

You can also wear it as a more chic piece of jewelry, by combining it with our jewelry chain.

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Change Charms

You no longer want to carry your Gardenia? shhh, we have magic power! Your bracelet can be transformed. You can wear your bracelet with our clover , or a customizable SILA PARIS watch ! You can re-use your bracelets and switch from one to another.

Choose it in the same metal as your watch or your clover, and you will have plenty of possibilities to wear it.

On the contrary, you don't have a SILA PARIS watch or clover? You can later buy a case or a clover that will allow you to wear your bracelets differently!

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Customers' opinion
I searched everywhere for the perfect "little gold watch" and when I found it on the internet, I fell in love! I had a wonderful experience purchasing it online, thanks to the kind accommodation and personalized customer service from the Sila team. Ms. Anne-Laure is great! Thank you so much! The light yellow gold is exactly the shade I was looking for, and I love that the bracelets are interchangeable and adjustable, fitting small and large wrists. Just perfect! The clover bracelet is very beautiful too! Sila's style is very feminine, sophisticated and simply elegant. I love that !
— Anna S., Philippines, July 2023
A superb brand, original and feminine, top customer service and fast and careful shipping, I recommend
— Jenifer B., France, June 2023
Very considerate and friendly exchanges following the purchase of a bracelet for an elegant jewelry watch!
— Hide and Seek, France, May 2023
I am absolutely a fan of my SILA jewelry watch! It accompanies me every day, very light, comfortable while being chic, elegant and original! Its sublime vintage style gives pep to all my outfits. I highly recommend it, you will love it and adopt it in the blink of an eye 😉!!! ❤️❤️❤️
— Lyse M, France, April 2023
Very beautiful watches that are worn like a piece of jewelry. I have the gold version and I receive a lot of compliments on it. And impeccable customer service, small elements of the dial have come loose over the years and the customer service offered me a new dial at a special price as well as fast shipping abroad! I highly recommend if you want to treat yourself or if you are looking for a nice gift
— Barbara M, Canada, April 2023
Very pretty jewelry watch with interchangeable bracelets that allow you to match it to your outfit. I was offered the midnight watch with the clover bracelet and 2 bracelets. I love it. If you want to give a refined gift, don't hesitate.
— Marie P, France, April 2023
Very nice brand of watches and jewelry with interchangeable bracelets. Lots of color choices and customization possibilities. The concept is very interesting and innovative.
— Irina, France, December 2022