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At the heart of our concept are versatile, interchangeable jewelry that matches your mood, your outfits, or simply the weather.
Watches with one-click interchangeable straps, which you can also accumulate with the matching straps.
Jewels that change function, you can play, you can change... Don't hesitate!

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SILA in the media
SILA in the media
Des tenues et bijoux pétillants pour la Saint-Valentin
— Gazelle Magazine, Janvier 2024
SILA in the media
Dans le dressing, "comment briller pour les fêtes"
— NOTRE TEMPS, Décembre 2023
SILA in the media
Notre montre Acier sur bracelet bleu denim choisi dans la sélection DIVAS octobre 2023
— DIVAS, Octobre 2023
SILA in the media
"The bandana print loves brightly colored pieces."
— Here - June 2023
SILA in the media
Lucky day. Magic, the SILA 4-leaf clover
— Golf Magazine May 2023
Article de presse dans Golf Magazine avec bracelet trèfle interchangeable mai 2023
SILA in the media
Mother's Day Selection - Midnight Black
— May 2023
article avec montre SILA midnight black
SILA in the media
"This 4-leaf clover will bring you luck while dressing your wrist with elegance".
— Modes & Works - May 2023
SILA in the media
Editor's Pick Maxi: We're going orange. Vitamin effect!
— Maxi - April 3, 2023
SILA in the media
Femina Version February 15, 2023
— SILA PARIS - GOLD version Nude bracelet
SILA in the media
"SILA launches its clover jewel which will bring you luck while dressing your wrist with elegance"
— Current Woman - HS Astro 2023 - January 2023
SILA in the media
"It's magical because totally customizable thanks to 24 colors of interchangeable straps"
— Closer - January 19, 2023
SILA in the media
"It's Time O'clock (...) Fine and feminine, minimalist and elegant (...) A real gem, this watch will dress your wrist in the most delicate of ways"
— Showcase Magazine - December 2022
article showcase decembre 2022 - It's time O'clock
SILA in the media
"We love the first mini-watch with interchangeable straps. Thought like a jewel, it adapts to all wrists and all styles"
— Benefits - May 2022
Article de Presse dans Avantages - Mai 2022 - SILA on craque pour la première mini-montre
SILA in the media
"It is fine, feminine and adapts to all styles..."
Article de Presse - - Décembre 2021 - Elle est fine, féminine et s'adapte à tous les styles
SILA in the media
"With a nice SILA watch on your wrist, it's not possible to be late now"
— Showcase Magazine
article de Presse dans Showcase - decembre 2021 - Il n'est pas possible d'être en retard maintenant
SILA in the media
“She adopts a style that is both sober and sophisticated…” “…this model is thin and elegant. Moreover, it represents much more than a watch, it is a real jewel. »
— The Fashion Café - November 2022
extrait de l'article du Café de la Mode pour SILA
SILA in the media
Accessoires bucoliques, en attendant le printemps, rehaussez vos tenues avec des bijoux ayant les fleurs pour thème.
— Prima, Février 2024