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SILA in the media
SILA in the media
Bucolic accessories: while waiting for spring, enhance your outfits with flower-themed jewelry
— Prima, february 2024
SILA in the media
Sparkling outfits and jewelry for Valentine’s Day
— Gazelle Mag, January 2024
SILA in the media
In the dressing room, “how to shine for the holidays”
— NOTRE TEMPS, December 2023
SILA in the media
Our Steel watch on a denim blue strap chosen from the DIVAS October 2023 selection
— DIVAS, October 2023
SILA in the media
“The bandana print loves brightly colored pieces.”
— Voici-june 2023
SILA in the media
Lucky day.
Magical, the 4-leaf clover SILA
— Golf Magazine , May 2023
Article de presse dans Golf Magazine avec bracelet trèfle interchangeable mai 2023
SILA in the media
Mother's Day Selection - Midnight Black
—, May 2023
article avec montre SILA midnight black
SILA in the media
“This 4-leaf clover will bring you luck while dressing your wrist with elegance.”
— Mode & Travaux, May 2023
SILA in the media
Maxi's Editor's choice : We're switching to orange. Vitamin effect!
— Maxi - 3 april 2023
SILA in the media
Version Femina - 15 february 2023
— SILA PARIS - version GOLD bracelet Nude
SILA in the media
"SILA launches its clover jewel which will bring you luck while dressing your wrist with elegance"
— Femme Actuelle - HS Astro 2023 - January 2023
SILA in the media
"It's magical because totally customizable thanks to 24 colors of interchangeable straps"
— Closer - January 19, 2023
SILA in the media
"It's Time O'clock (...) Fine and feminine, minimalist and elegant (...) A real gem, this watch will dress your wrist in the most delicate of ways"
— Showcase Magazine - December 2022
article showcase decembre 2022 - It's time O'clock
SILA in the media
"We love the first mini-watch with interchangeable straps. Thought like a jewel, it adapts to all wrists and all styles"
— Avantages - May 2022
Article de Presse dans Avantages - Mai 2022 - SILA on craque pour la première mini-montre
SILA in the media
"It is fine, feminine and adapts to all styles..."
Article de Presse - - Décembre 2021 - Elle est fine, féminine et s'adapte à tous les styles
SILA in the media
"With a nice SILA watch on your wrist, it's not possible to be late now"
— Showcase Magazine
article de Presse dans Showcase - decembre 2021 - Il n'est pas possible d'être en retard maintenant
SILA in the media
“It adopts a style that is both sober and sophisticated…” “…this model is fine and elegant. It represents much more than a watch, it is a real jewel. »
— The Fashion Café - November 2022
extrait de l'article du Café de la Mode pour SILA