Twice a year, the chestnut tree returns to the press. What are the colors of the next season?

At SILA, colors are a bit of our "dada", and matching our wardrobe to our jewelry in one click is obviously in our DNA. So it was an opportunity to look at who influences us, and precisely the colors of summer 2023 and project ourselves a little.

I'm sure you don't know that in fact, it's not the big fashion houses that determine the next colors… But it's the institutions that make color forecasts, and determine the general trends. The best known institutions are Pantone and Dulux. Pantone, we almost all know it, its color chart presents thousands of colors, and that all industries that work with color from near or far, use the references of the color chart such as the printing industry, digital technologies, interior designers, architects, fashion…

pantone palette

Each year, they carry out analyzes of tastes, of society, and they test colors, scrutinize printing trends in media supports and determine "trend books"

Equipped with these inspirations, fashion designers seize the trends of the year, which you will find first for the fashion shows, then they are taken up by the ready-to-wear brands and in the windows for the season. All a way.

So you're going to tell me, ok but what are the trends for summer 2023. Good news, the season will be cheerful, and multi-colored and there will be something for everyone and we're going to let loose.

First, we will clearly see life in pink.

Flashy pink, powder pink… There will be no limit.

sila lifestyle pink gold watch Indian pink cotton strap

Return of nature and optimism, green will be trendy. Apple green will be a summer staple, but I've also seen the trend for intense green.

We hope to see that this spring and summer, the sun will shine on our beautiful landscapes (without being too hot, anyway!), and in our hearts. Intense yellow, slightly soft orange will also be very trendy.

And when we told you that blue was the favorite color in the Western world (-> blog link), it is therefore not possible to envisage a season without blue.

This year, the blue of summer will be a sky blue, a little pastel as well as turquoise.

sila lifestyle steel watch with turquoise cotton strap and rose gold watch with chain strap

So are you convinced?

And good news, once again SILA will be there to support you this year.

We have a lot of pink bracelets (well, well, this could be the idea for a future blog… the spelling agreements of the colors… because yes, pink here will not be put in the plural and here is why ) to offer you:

clover colors trends 2023

Indian pink: our choice will be for a pink gold case, and its Indian pink strap

Powder pink: sweetness of life, gluttony, we invite you to discover our interchangeable clover bracelet

Orange tangerine: a soft orange, which we suggest you see with our steel watch case and tangerine bracelet

Golden yellow: at SILA we have two yellow bracelets to satisfy all your desires for sunshine. A fluorescent yellow or a soft yellow. Wear it, with our gold watch, and its golden yellow strap

Almond green: this pretty light green could be worn with the steel clover bracelet.

Bottle green: This green is one of our favorite colors among our 25 bracelet choices. Difficult to choose between steel watch, gold watch, pink gold watch, clovers. Everything goes perfectly with this bottle green. A choice had to be made. We offer you the pink gold case with the bottle green bracelet .

Denim blue: A must-have in the wardrobe. We suggest you wear it all summer, with a gold clover and denim blue strap

Turquoise blue: blue of the South Seas, lagoon, the blue in which we like to let our dreams go. We suggest you wear it with our gold watch and turquoise bracelet.

See you soon for new adventures!

Astrid from Team SILA

Irina Trotsenko